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Almarai Company (Arabic: شركة المراعي‎, lit. 'The Pasture') is a Saudi multinational dairy company which is listed on the Tadawul stock exchange. It specializes in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. The company's main offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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Current Employee - Automation Engineer says

"many lots of nationality which is not the problem but where there is racism then it is"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bureaucracy Politics Open Discrimination Resistant to innovation and change"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nationality Discrimination, a lot of politics, abuse of power, below M grade sucks verbal and mentally abused in a workplace by the managers. Indian's doesn't admit failures they think they are too good than the other human."

Former Employee - Unit Manager says

"weak management. poor policies. partiality. anti islam. no more mazjid inside company combound. filthy food at canteen. six members in a two member quarters. 30 person one toilet. morning heavy rush always. no cleaners for toilets.very dirty atmosphere. all suffering diseases. banned formaldehyde gas fumigation causes somany workers lung cancer. anybody question he will be out."

Former Employee - Accountant says

"As I said worst place to work no upside to discuss but a lot downside, accountant is nothing but a donkey, take burden of all the teams sorry uneducated teams."

Former Employee - Accountant says

"Inhuman and prison like environment. No holidays. 24/7 working even on Eid days. Underpaid. Long hours working late in the night (No fixed timings). You are on duty literally 24 hours. No family status. No allowances for working on weekends and holidays. Modern day slavery. Worst medical panel. working in remote areas where there is no recreational activity available."

Current Employee - Accountant says

"racism. long working hours without acknowledged. Per-mote only local. not loyal to Employee"

Former Employee - Demand Forecast Analyst says

"Pathetic Company, Poor Management, No Salary Structure, Very Poor policies, Most important thing no Job Security, Attrition rate very high, no equal employer thinking, Please Please don't join Almarai"

Former Employee - Senior SAP Functional Analyst says

"Poor, Autocratic Middle & top management Only Managers get benefits all the other perks and they sucks the blood of below M1 grades (E and L) employees. Highly under pay salaries (E and L) employees.. Career growth only if your manager is your relative or close friends or he is impressed with your buttering ( favoritism)"

Current Employee - Salesman II says

"overtime is not as per the time employee worked , but a fixed 2 hours . sales man have to carry all the product from the truck to the shop .(which weigh too much )"

Refrigeration Technician (Former Employee) says

"I had to be practical with them, i like the company most, but i think there's something wrong with the leaders we accomodationlong hours"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"There is no fare Ratio between the countries,if there could promotion then it must be the inner staff to be promoted because they have more experience than outsiders.Free milk for breakfastGood health care"

General Labourer (Former Employee) says

"-10 hrs of work, 2 days day of per month -you can learn a lot from almarai -if management knows your purpose in working and transfer to other country they will frustrate you until you work finish contract -mixed races: saudi,nepali,kenyan,filipino,srilankan,indian -milking 7320 cows in 5 hours only 7 peopleFree AccommodationCultural Problems and Strict policies, Poor Management"

Driver Salesman (Current Employee) says

"There are too many OLD senior level managers are there,Actually they are here because of they want to show their EGO and POLITICS they are having really Bad attitude, They all are living in BC's they are creating problem for there own people."

SAP BW Analyst (Current Employee) says

"As a FMCG and an Internal Company you can not expect much from management but the staff existing in IT team is not so professional and Insecure people"

Salesman/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"-working in saudi is bit challenging due to hot sun during summer time. -I have learnt various skills i.e working with hand held terminals(hht) -Management is somehow biased to some employees. -My co-workers come from different backgrounds,i.e phillipines,sliranka,indiansetc. -Most challenging work is waking up at wee hours of the night to load your vehicle and sometime load istoo much that it can hardly be all packed inside. -Most enjoyable part is when you visit market and find its empty .n/an/a"

Breeding supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I am thankful to Almarai for I have achieved a great on job training and gained enough experience on animal handling and care. They have the best in place to enable a work learn more skills every day."

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Almarai has a poor management because of that every year their employees always resign ,they don’t care about health related issues about their junior staff’s aside these things l have lent a lot working with Almarai.A big noNothing"

welder/fitter/fabricator (Current Employee) says

"-Working hour 6 am until 6 pm, one month 2 days day off and the rest day going to overtime. -My previous position is welder, now my current position is fitter fabricator able to fitting and fabrication. -The Management they give benefits insurance,food allowance, on date of salary, severance fee and and good management. - Co-worker helping each other with good communication and friendly. -Hardest- if this summer season KSA is very hot place, specially if you working in the fields. the big project given and working alone. -Project is done and approval by the manager.contract"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"working in almarai is quiet good especially in holidays, i learned how to deal with saudi poeple, the management and co-workers is good,free accomudationgood"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Largest vertically integrated dairy company of KSA. Communication skills Time Management Skills"

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Almarai company is good to work in Saudi Arabia. It is good to go but career progression is not so good. The company is updating their standards for training and other SOP and will be improved in future."

Sales and Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"when its summer its very had to work by thy time. I reared about Muslim culture and how there stay en work, we need to wake up very in thy morning to work because of the sun before its get very hot. we real enjoying thy salary time cos we are happy after long work.we free millThere one about health care, ."

Dairy job (Former Employee) says

"It is nice place where u learn a lot of things n gain experience in most fields of dairy and another thing it is the most integrated dairy company in the worldFree TV roomHealth insurance"

automation technicion (Current Employee) says

"i am feeling good in this company my work is very learning and safe and secure company provide us good site services and medical services, company paid us salery at the time."

GENERAL FARM WORKER (Former Employee) says

"Overally the company is good at the top management,job work and life is good too because you only work within the time schedule and if it extents one is given an overtime allowance but their salary and other renumerations are not quite attractive.Socially the companies top management mean well to their employees as they provide for all of their staff with,a yearly return air tickets,accomodation,visas,residence permits,means of transports within Saudi,medical insurance,bonuses etc.The company has employed a number of different nationalities which makes every employee to learn more on socio cultural practices and above all,it creats a wider scope of personal interactions and apreciating one another and every role air tickets, visas and medical cover, they provide transport, food accomodation etclow salary and other monetary benefits"

Automation Technician (Current Employee) says

"Working in Almarai is said to be great. Learning new systems from time to time especially in the field of Automation.yearly vacationhealthcare"

Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Nice Accomodation Workplace is clean Delivery Vehicle is quite new Management sucks The most damaging part is not having a regular dayoff on a weekly basis."

Van Salesman (Former Employee) says

"i learn a lot of things a new languages the management is very strict its hard to adopt their muslim culture. load too much. take a salary and comission."

Van sales man (Former Employee) says

"As a van sales man its ok if can develop my way on calling costumers and taking order from them.costumers care concepts, also I want to know if I'm good if the costumer walk out with satisfaction in his mindWith comissionShort hours"

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